Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My appearance

Thats me on the right hand side. I couldnt find a single photo of me by myself to put up!

Last July my best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid. Of course i said yes but the first thing that went through my head was i need to loose weight. My year 10 and 12 formals were the last time i had been photographed in a dress and the photos, put nicely, are very scary! I am only little - only 5 foot, and in those photos i was probably about a size 12. Nothing wrong with being a size 12 but being as little as i am i looked like a little round ball. So i lost about 6 kilos by eating really healthy and going to the gym lots. So i'd dropped down to about a size 8, and was pretty proud of myself. Until i got the photos from the wedding back. The first thing i noticed was how bony my face and neck looked!! i didnt even look like me!!! I have to admit i liked the way my body looked in the dress but my neck and face seemed weird.

So ive come to the conclusion that im never going to be 100% happy with what i look like and thats ok. Its something ill learn to live with. Since the wedding ive put back on most of the weight i lost and am now about a size 10. When summer comes ill try to loose a kilo or two just so my clothes fit a little better but thats about where ill try to keep my weight.

As for my face. ive always been reasonably happy. ive been told my whole life that im cute - would prefer stunningly gorgeous but i can live with cute. Lately my skin has been terrible but its due to stress and will clear up once the stress goes away. Im not big on makeup (mainly because im lazy) but i really do like the way i look when im all dressed up ready to go out. My hair at the moment is too long. Its always been short but i grew it for the wedding and still havent gotten around to cutting it. I have nice eyes. I really wish i was taller. I could go on all day but the general idea is that im reasonably happy with how i look....Changes to my appearance at the moment are pretty low on my list of things to do.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the commment on my blog lani! You are beautiful (and cute!) hee hee. just did that to irratate you. You have a lovely smile and anyway your infectious, sunny and bubbly personality shines through in your blog, and that is what makes a truly beautiful person.

loonyhiker said...

I agree with Bonnie and your personality does show! You seem like such a beautiful person inside (but I do think your picture is cute too!).

faery-wings said...

I am 4'11 3/4" So I KWYM about being short. (Jon is short too, so its all good *wink* )I think our size is why most people regard us as cute. but like the others said, the happy bubbly personality and great taste in music is what shows through, loud and clear

glynis said...

That photo is adorable...aren't we all just too hard on ourselves to be perfect?

heather said...

You have a gorgeous face!! Yes I am a shortie too (5'2") so I understand the cute thing... luckily, I find as you get older it translates into seeming younger than you are - so that is GREAT news!! Glad to hear you're happy with yourself overall Lani! :)