Tuesday, August 22, 2006

facts and fantasy

fantasy - Todays prompt is about fantasy camps. my fantasy camp would probably be a mixture of all my favourite things to do - so it would mainly involve digital scrapbooking , creative writing and photography! Oh and just so my camp would stand out from the rest, id hire Bon Jovi to play in the background! hehe I always have to throw a little bon jovi into the mix! Though how id get anything done with them there i have no idea!!!

facts - the facts of my crummy day at work

- This morning i was late because i sat in traffic for a total of 90 minutes

- My new staff member that i only hired last week came in half way through her shift in tears because she thinks shes not good enough (its only her 3rd shift! i dont expect her to be good but shes put alot of pressure on herself - she also found out over the weekend that her son is gay and shes not taking it too well) So i had to send her home. fingers crossed that she actually comes in for her next shift!

- I sent another one of my staff members home early because shes pregnant and not feeling well. She has decided not to come back until after the baby is born so im now down another team member

- Then this afternoon the store that my studio is in lost all power and we all had to be evacuated! i stood outside for an hour before they let me back in so i could lock the studio and get my stuff and go home!

so i had a crap day but for once im not stressed -because theres nothing i can do about it! feels good to not care so much!


loonyhiker said...

Hope today is a better day for you! I'm short 2 members in my department (and I'm department head too!) so I know this is a stressful time for you. You are so smart to not let things that you have no control over get to you! You are my hero!

Karen said...

Congratulations Lani. It's good to hear that in spite of so much crap going down today you still managed to stay on top of things.

Anonymous said...

It's very good not to care. It's not even so much not caring, but realizing that you can't change some things and not to worry about them.

You go girl!

Laura Lou said...

Awful day but good philosophy. I dd have to smile at your attitude and even read it to my partner.

Anonymous said...

the download site doesn't work - you can wait for 20 minutes - nothing... thought you would like to know

heather said...

That day sounds a bit rough but you handled it!!! Hope your weekend is going well Lani :) The fonts you asked me about? The top one was DSP Heather (yep my very own handwriting font LOL) I won it from Suzanne Walker at DSP a few months back, and the bottom one is called Angelina.. not sure where from. I am on the lookout for new fonts at the moment, well I should say I'd like some more but I've been too lazy to go look for some :) Seeya!