Monday, September 25, 2006

new layout/ blog prompt and weekend update all in one!

my latest layout for one of my creative teams - kit is roses are blue by sharon waldon (ninis notions) available at

this is the first page ive done for an album i want to make about my grandparents. im missing a few details in the journalling - tried calling my grandfather but he isnt home to help me fill them in!

so the post over at DSP for the weekend is about the top 5 places to visit in our home towns. Heather already wrote some great places to visit in australia so i thought id stick to some places in my state (New South Wales)
1 - Heather said it as well but you have to go to sydney and check out the harbour bridge, opera house, Luna Park, Imax theatre etc. There are some great restaurants along the water and even tho im not a gambler the casino (star city) is worth a look. Theres so much to do in sydney.
2. The Blue mountains and the three sisters ( a gorgeous rock formation). I live right at the bottom of the mountains and we love to go away for the weekend to little secluded motels and bed and breakfasts because its not too far out of the city but you feel like your in the middle of nowhere! You can go horseriding, bushwalking, canoeing or camping. it really beautiful
3. Head on up the north coast for about 2 hours and you'll come to one of my favourite places - The Entrance. Its a little beachside town - with a boardwalk along the beach, cute little shops and pelican feeding on the dock. We used to go there on holidays as kids and i love it. I have plans of one day buying a caravan or holiday home there so we can go all the time.
4. Come and visit me and ill take you to mums for sunday night dinner! A big tradition in our family - theres normally about 15 of us (all my brothers and sisters and their boyfriends/girlfriends plus my nan, my aunty and her two kids) Its definately a sight to see us all try to crowd aroung the dinner table! lol

so whats been happening this weekend? Jira went away for the weekend with his soccer friends. I couldnt go because of work. On sunday mum and i went shopping in fairfield because she wanted to buy me a rug as a belated birthday present (scored a new pair of jeans as well because the rug was on sale! woo hoo!) Sunday night dinner at mums place, and then today Jira and i both had the day off from work so we went to the movies (saw that Jack Black movie - Nacho Libre - was terrible) and now im chilling out on the computer and hes cleaning the pool, making me feel guilty for not doing the housework! lol

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