Sunday, October 15, 2006

my little car and the way i drive it

i love my car. its just a little navy blue toyota starlet, but its sooooo easy to drive and doesnt give me any grief. I bought it when i was 19 but at the time i didnt know how to drive a manual car - i had to get my little brother (he was 17 at the time) to teach me how!

I have to say though i dont look after it very well. its absolutely filthy at the moment and is long overdue for a service. The back seat and boot are piled high with my junk - all work equipment. My studio was sent 6 massive boxes of snowglobes a few weeks ago to sell for christmas but my studio is so small that i have to leave 2 massive boxes of the stupid things in my car! Anyone want one??????? ill send em to you free! lol

As for driving i dont think im too bad. Tho Jira would probably disagree as he likes to be a back seat driver and tell me everything im doing wrong (hence the reason he mainly drives if we go somewhere together.) I pretty much stick to all the road rules and i havent had any major accidents that were my fault. I used to be terrible tho. I failed my test twice before i passed and even then i think the instructor only passed me because he felt sorry for me! lol the first year i had my licence i reversed out of my carport with the backdoor open and ripped the whole door off when it hit a pole. Another time i reversed into a friends car. Later the same year i hit a brick wall whilst parking the car at Pizza Hut!


loonyhiker said...

Jira sounds a lot like my hubby! They can be back seat drivers to you, but if you say a word about THEIR driving, ooooh wheee, it's a major war! I do confess though, the ripping off the door kind of had me cringing.

glynis said...

I'm cringing too and very glad I'm not anyone near where you live :) LOL!

carinc said...

LOL! Sounds like you used up your car crash quota right in the beginning - you should be good to go now!