Monday, October 09, 2006


so the weekends prompt is about siblings. i have lots of those. 3 brothers (plus a step brother) and a sister (plus a step sister). My step brother and sister have only been a part of my life for about the last 3 years and im not close with either of them. Greg was overseas for most of those years and now that hes back he lives in the city and i see him very rarely. But i really do like him. In a way i think ive always wanted an older brother.

Melanie my step sister lived with my mum and step dad for awhile but id already moved out and really only saw her about once a week. Now that shes moved out with her boyfriend i never really see her. we get along but we'll never be friends. were too different.

Im the oldest out of all my "real" siblings. My brother Chris (next oldest) is one of my best mates. We hated each other as kids but now get on really well. His friends are my friends and vice versa so we tend to go out alot together.

Ben is the next in line. He is the most placid of all of us. Ben gets along with everyone - never yells, or gets upset or angry. Im not exactly close with him but were friends, enough so to go out together or away for a weekend.

My sister Michela is a bit of a handful but she can be awfully sweet. We get along pretty well most of the time. She annoyed the crap out of me as a kid because shes six years younger and i had to share a room with her for a long time. She always wanted to play with me and my friends but of course she was too much of a pest or too little for me to let her play! I think the older she gets the closer we'll become

And finally my youngest brother is Joel. Considering that he is almost 10 years younger than i am were actually quite close. He was always my favourite when we were little because i could pretend he was my baby. Hes one of those people that are good at everything which gives him a bit of an ego but its easily beaten down by us older siblings. A few weeks ago he got himself into a bit of trouble and it was me that he called, which although he got slapped upside the head by me for being so stupid, i was actually quite touched that it was me he called and not one of our brothers (dont worry it wasnt anything criminal :))

<-------------from left michela, chris, ben, Joel and me at my mum and step dads wedding last year.


Bonnie said...

Lani, lovely photo! I too come from a step family. There are 4 of us "real" siblings and I had 5 step brothers and sisters, so when my dad got married again after my mom died, there were 9 of us kids under one roof at one time! They are divorced now, and I haven't seen/spoken to any of them in over 10 years. Which is fine by me as we never got on at all.

Tink said...

Oh, it is a lovely photo, though I would have thought just looking at it that you were the younger sister instead of the other way around. All of you are a great looking group of kids.