Wednesday, October 25, 2006

thoughts on tv

ugh. i hate to admit it but i love tv. But before you all judge me let me say that while i love tv, i actually dont watch that much of it anymore (well not since finding digital scrapbooking - now i spend all my free time on the computer! lol)

anyway, as i said i really do love tv. we have pay tv but to be honest i dont watch anything on it except Miami Ink (love ami!) and the shows on discovery health about childbirth (i find those shows soooo interesting!).

I actually really enjoy alot of the shows we get here on free to air tv.
Reality tv is my biggest weakness. Survivor especially, but i also love the biggest loser, big brother, australian idol.....the list goes on.

Next on the list is a few aussie shows. Home and Away - ive been so into this show lately! i go through stages where i love it and then i hate it, but im definately in a "I love it" zone. McLeods daughters (i went out for dinner tonight and actually taped it cos i wasnt going to be back in time!). All Saints is even keeping my intrest lately (this is a new one for me!)

and then of course theres the american shows i cant miss - GREYS ANATOMY! oh my god i cant say enough good things about this show! its the only good thing about MOndays! and House - i love Hugh Laurie (actaually ive been watching training videos at work and hes in all of them, probably about 25 years old. very funny)

So know you all know my guilty little secret - im a tv junkie! shame! lol


Bonnie said...

Oh I love Grey's Anatomy too. Other shows I like are: Desperate Housewives, lose, Invasion, House, Scrubs, Survivor.

heather said...

Hi Lani! There is so much in your blog I need to catch up with! That Xmas kit truly looks terrific! I LOVE the alpha with snow! I will come back and read some more... gotta go watch Survivor! LOL

loonyhiker said...

I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan too (all because of my friends here made me curious and got me hooked!)

Laura said...

wow a lot of people like Grey's Anatomy maybe I should check it out. Anyway, I too like tv. If you invest in a lap top you too can watch tv and digital scrapbook. I love my laptop I've been getting lots done this way and also watching my shows.

glynis said...

I'm addicted to House as well, but none of the others that you mentioned. It's okay to be a junkie--we won't judge you!!

carinc said...

Love GA too... isn't it aggravating to pay for TV and feel like there is never anything on all those channels? LOL!

Tink said...

House is one our favorites too. Haven't seen Grey's Anatomy though.