Thursday, October 05, 2006

what can u hear right now?

first just let me say that i am actually a bit deaf in one ear. I had a really bad ear infection when i was about 13 and it did something to the ear drum so i do sometimes have trouble hearing when im in a noisy area or if someone is behind me when their talking.

second let me say that i have 3 brothers, a sister, a step sister and a step brother and if you dont want to be put in a mental institiution you learn very early in life how to tune out things. so i have very good selective hearing!

but what i can actually hear right now is mainly Jira watching tv in the bedroom next to my computer room. i cant actually hear him but i know hes there. He's watching that show "Bones".
Outside i can hear one of my dogs walking around on the deck outside my window. just the occassional thud or thunk to remind me that they are still there. A car is revving its engine out the front. Must have a pretty big exhaust for me to hear it here in the back of the house. And finally i can hear me tapping away at the keys and the computer quietly humming in the background.


Bonnie said...

Sorry to hear about your hearing. It should come in handy though as you say selective hearing has it's advantages!

Tink said...

I love the show "Bones." Sounds quiet and peaceful at your house.

carinc said...

Funny how you really do tune things out - ever try sleeping at someone else's house? You hear their refrigerator running their heat kick on, but you never hear your own!