Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Favourite summer/winter memories - DSP Blog prompt

What is your favorite winter memory?For our Southern Hemishpere girls: What is your favorite summer memory?

Well i am a southern hemisphere girl so it is most definately summer here right now!

My favourite memories of summer are mainly of christmas. Watching christmas carols on christmas eve, the smell of our christmas tree (and the pine needles sticking into your feet - not a nice memory - they hurt!) getting up early to open presents.

Every year we spend christmas day with our extended family. The only day of the year when everyone gets together. Most of the day is spent preparing lunch, which in our house usually consists of lots of hot and cold meats (ham, pork, lamb, chicken) roast vegies, salads, breadrolls etc. We almost always have christmas lunch at my mums or my aunties - both of whom have pools because you have to go swimming on christmas day! My aunty has recently moved about 10 mins from the beach so if christmas is at her house we go to the beach instead. Lunch and swimming are followed by lots of relaxing and trying to let food digest!

i dont have any favourite memories of winter because its cold and horrible! i hate the cold! lol


loonyhiker said...

I can't imagine Christmas in the summer. I never thought of that. Sounds wonderful though.

Tink said...

Not much different than Florida even though we are in the northern hemisphere. Sounds like a great Christmas to me.