Saturday, December 30, 2006

quick update~

hey all, its been a while since ive updated! the real world has kept me pretty busy for the past few weeks and ive neglected all my internet buddies! so sorry!!!hugs for all! lol

Well i think ive only just recovered from christmas. i had such a great day just hanging out with Jiras family for lunch and my family including my step brother greg who is great fun but i never get to see him for dinner. My awesome mother in law (and i think partly from Jira too) got me a wacom drawing tablet! she is my new hero!and i love it - bit hard to get used to but having fun trying!

My lil sis turned 19 the day after christmas so it was back to mums on boxing day for more food! ugh! cant believe she is 19 tho! this year has gone so quickly! She and her friend sam have decided to to travel around Europe for a few months next year...walking in the footsteps of our brother who went for a few months this year.

Onto other news, today was my last day as a photographer! ive taken a new job, going back to bookkeeping which is what i trained in before i got into photography. Im very tired of working retail hours and im over the sort of photography im being made to do in the studio. So as of Tuesday i will be commuting to the city everyday in my office attire in the hope of earning a decent living and having more time to spend with family and friends! The upside is that this job will leave me more time for my own photography! yay..............tho i must admit that i am a bit of a sucker....i told my old boss today that if she ever needs a casual photographer she can give me a call! i live to regret that comment....they'll probably call me tomorrow! lol

anyway hope you all had a great christmas and a wonderful new year!

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glynis said...

Good luck on your new job! What a great change to start out the new year with...and your digi designs are looking fantastic!