Sunday, February 25, 2007

Once in a lifetime....

This is a seriously big boat! The Queen Mary 2 docked in sydney for one day only 20.02.2007

Kate an i waited right near Mrs Macquaries Chair for the second boat the Queen Elizabeth 2 to cross paths with her big sister. Unfortunately we forgot the champagne (lots of other people remembered tho!)

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes! yee haa! (ok im in a weird mood, but the boat did come around a little-ish mountain!)

ack! pirates hehe or so my friend Kate informs me a "tall ship" and the QE2 - on a collision course! no just joking

This shot was taken just as she passed Mrs Macquaries Chair (look how little the pirate ship - oh sorry - tall ship looks!)

The QE got so close to the harbour bridge i honestly thought it was gonna try to go under it (it had no chance!....or rather the bridge had no chance!) But it just swung around and backed into the harbour.

Fort Denison and city skyline at dusk... Playing with slow shutter photography

zee opera house by night (and me playing with fisheye distortion in PSP!)

Pretty aint it????

Yep we even stayed up late for the fireworks! i like this one the best out of the oh 100 photos i took of the fire works!

Overall tho, im really glad we went. We'll probably never see those two boats together again and it was a great night to be living in sydney. And Yep Karen, people did get locked in the botanical gardens. Was quite amusing to see 60 years olds trying to jump the fence!

The city was a little underprepared for the whole event. Traffic was terrible and there were people everywhere! It was like New years eve! I was so glad we caught the train. The fireworks finished about 9.30. It took probably an hour to walk to the train station (we were barely moving among all the crowd) and then our train was all stations (sigh). We got home about 11.30. Not too bad, tho i was pretty tired and sore (not used to exercise - or carrying a heavy tripod all thru the city)the next day. Worth it tho.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos Lani.
I heard that heaps of people got locked in the Botanical Gardens when they closed because the caretakers hadn't been told that everyone was congregating to watch the QM so they shut at 8pm as usual. Were you caught in there too?

karen said...

That comment above was me Lani. For some reason Blogger refused to recognise my identity. I'll have to take my balaclava off next time.

Maggie said...

Those were awesome photos!!! It looks like a fun time was had by all.