Wednesday, May 09, 2007

awesome, exciting fantastic news!

oh my god i got some of the most happy and exciting news ever on Monday night! We went to Tamara and Steves place because it was Steves birthday and he'd called earlier in the day begging us to come over. We already had plans but he was so insistent that we went over late. We'd probably been there 10 mins when steve gave me an ultrasound picture and said "check out the ultrasound of my knee". I cant see anything on ultrasounds (even tho i used to work as a darkroom technician at a radiology practice and saw them all day!)so to be a smart ass i said "oh very nice, your having a boy" and gave it back to him. Well i thought i was pretty funny cos everyone laughed. Then steve gave me back the ultrasound and said 'Have a look at the name". So i did and it had Tamaras name on it........then i looked at the ultrasound and realised it didnt look anything like a knee...........then put two and two together and i looked at tam and she was smiling. After much yelling at her was she serious, i realised their having a baby!

My best friend Tamara is having a baby!aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! ok so it may not be that exciting to anyone else but this will be the first baby that ive really had anything to do with (apart from the zillions of babies ive photographed - they dont count). I dont have any neices or nephews and Tamara will be the first of my close friends to have a baby. SO EXCITED! Ive known Tamara since we were 5 years old and this is just so bizzare. I cant get used to it. I cant believe that soon she will have that big tummy and then before christmas, she is going to have a baby! so incredible and crazy.

mum and nam thought id be upset or something because they know how much i want to have a baby but im so not! im just so happy and excited! i havent stopped smiling all if only the next 7 months would hurry up!

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karen said...

Lani you sound like the perfect Auntie. Great news. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun with the baby.