Saturday, May 12, 2007

couple of new photos

Thought i might share some photos from a shoot i did this morning. This is my lil brother Chris and his girlfriend Lauren. We spent the morning out at Glenbrook Lagoon. Took about 120 photos all up but these are my favourites.

I used to do this pose all the time at the studio but it works well outside as well i think! This is straight out of the camera, no editing and its the one they chose to get enlarged. Love it when you get a shot like that!

I desaturated the colour in this one - something ive been doing alot lately because i like the effect.

I told Chris to whisper in Laurens ear. I like how this one turned out, even tho im sure he was whispering "i feel like a retard" lol

Gave this one a soft focus, just because i havent done any soft shots in forever and i used to love them so much!
Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section! i always like to hear what you think!

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Joy said...

Lani your photos are fantastic! I love the whispering one and the color effects!