Friday, May 25, 2007

The SUPERCAR Experience

It was Tamlyns sweet 16th on Monday, and man did she get a cool present! 5 laps around the track in a v8 supercar with a proffessional driver! Too cool. It just happened that today was my day off anyway so i tagged along to watch and take photos!
It was so exciting! And i wasnt even in the car! These are my favourite photos (had to cull it down from over 250 shots! Thats what i get for shooting in continuous burst mode! lol)

Debbie and Tamlyn with the ford v8 supercar!
All suited up and ready and raring to go!
Off and racing!
Tam thats you in the car closest! When you zoom this shot in you can see you smiling!
Just pulling into pitt lane
Love that smile! Do you think she had a good time??? Lol.
Hugs from Mum after returning safe and sound.
Tamlyn Trackside! This was taken standing in pitt lane!

too fun

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karen said...

What a buzzy birthday present Lani. I bet she had a great time talking about it at school the next day.