Sunday, June 24, 2007

bit of this, bit of that

Ive had such a busy week. Lots to post about.

First the personal stuff:

Its end of financial year at work. yuck. This whole week sucked. We are so busy, and next week is going to be even busier. Hopefully by the week after it will be starting to get back to normal and i can stop working on my days off!

On Thursday my brother Chris and his girlfriend Lauren got the keys to their new house! YAY! Poor buggers had their settlement date pushed back about 3 times. Very disapointing for them but they are finally in! Jira and i spent Friday night and Saturday helping them out.

Then that made us late for our friend Pauls 30th birthday party on Saturday afternoon! Chris, Jira and I drove over there together (about 40 mins from our place). The boys were suposed be designated drivers but as soon as we got there Paul kept filling up their drinks... so guess who ended up driving???yep me. no suprises there! Didnt really mind tho since i was the only one without a hang over this morning! LOL

Havent done much today (Sunday). Finished off my part of the DSO July mega kit. Wanna see? Dont know if im allowed to show you yet but...oh well. (sorry bunny!)

I definately think your going to need sunglasses for this one! Ill post the whole kit preview in a few days.

Also at DSO:

Here's the freebie you get if you join us at DSO for the Scrap-n-Chat, Monday, 6/25/07 at 9pm Eastern Standard Time or 6pm Pacific Standard Time. To get the freebie, you need to create a layout using the template that will be given out at the chat and post it in the DSO Scrap-n-Chat gallery within 24 hours.

Have you checked out the bargain bin lately?? There is a bunch of cool stuff (58 products to be exact - i just checked! lol) there for less than $1! My bargain bears are there so go check it out!

Thats it for now...will post again soon with some photos of Lauren and Chris' new place

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