Thursday, June 14, 2007

War has been declared!!!!!!!

Well, well, there is a war going on with the designers at DSO! I got home from work yesterday to read that Bunny and Lexi are having a FREEBIE war via their blogs! Then Heather decided that she wanted IN and it has all snowballed from there! Now Lynn, Kim, Dorothy, Mel, Teriann have all taken sides and the WAR IS ON! (all in good fun of course!)

Go have a look for yourselves! This is too funny!

Oh and here is a preview of my freebie! i wanna play too!

The password is war

Dont forget to send all your friends to our blogs so they can download their own copy of the freebies! And we all love it when you leave a comment! it only takes a sec but we like to be loved! lol


Bunny said...

oo pretty papers!

Anonymous said...

very pretty!!! thank you so much:)

bunny said...

oh umm...
i forgot to tell you something...

tell us 7 things about you!!!
{then go tag 7 more folks!)

karen said...

Love those jewels Lani