Tuesday, August 14, 2007

grab bags, tuts and my unlucky in love best friend

Theres a cool new designer grab bag over at DSO! Its looking like there is going to be a new one every week! How cool is that! Im so excited about scoring some cool new designer tools! This weeks bag belongs to Lynn, so you know its bound to be fantabulous!

Did ya see, Did ya see??Im quite proud of this weeks photography tut that i posted over at Scrap your art out! It was quite fun writing it and searching thru my photos for appropriate examples. Bunny and Kim have both stated that their macro photos look like "poo" so ive promised to do a post just for them, so look out for that one coming up in the next few weeks. If you havent checked out the site go on over now. Theres heaps of great tutorials and articles on Digiscrappin, Freebies, PSP, Scrapbook Max, Photoshop and of course my photography ramblings. So go! Go now!

Are you still here??? Well then you get to hear about my best friend Kate. My only single friend, the poor bugger is stuck with all us couples and hasnt had too much luck in the love department lately. She rang me at work yesterday morning and said that i had to turn on mix106.5 (sydney radio station) because she was gonna be on the radio! She'd entered one of their competitions to be on the "love boat" or as i like to call it "the Luuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvve Boat" and they'd picked her! So she has scored herself a dinner cruise around Sydney Harbour with 40 single women and 40 single men. Plus they did a liittle interview with her on the radio which i found hilarious. (Picture half my office crowded around my desk listening to Kate talk about why she thinks she's been unlucky in love, and what she's looking for in a man etc etc.). I really hope she has a good time and meets some nice people. She doesnt get to meet any single men because as i said, all her friends are couples, and we're not interested in the bar/club scene. So fingers crossed that she meets a nice man or at least makes some new friends! The cruise is at the end of the month so ill keep you posted if she hits it off with anyone!

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