Sunday, August 05, 2007

my lil brother is growing up! haha

My lil brother got engaged last night. Congrats to them both! He kept it very secret, only Laurens dad and our parents knew and he only told mum the night before! He did the whole down on one knee thang at their new house then they went out for dinner to celebrate. Then we did breakfast at mums this morning to say congrats. And happy birthday to Lauren - Its her birthday today.

To celebrate i put up a freebie template over at Scrap YOur Art Out! Have you checked it out yet? THeres heaps of great tutorials and freebies over there so make sure you do.

This is the template i used to make this layout, which you might remember from a month or two back, using Bunny's kit, Tropical Passions.

Have you seen the new mega at DSO? As usual its huge, and i love the theme and colours this month....

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