Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For those that are following along with the saga that is my health....lol

I had another lot of tests done last Friday. A week later than i was suposed to go, but with christmas and new year, i just couldnt get to the hospital before then. As i mentioned in my last post, my doctor had thought that since my hcg level had come down really well, that i would be at 0 with the next lot of tests.

Not quite. My hcg level is 12. Gosh i was annoyed, and said as much to the midwife i spoke to when i called the hospital. Not that she can make them get to zero any quicker. But had to whine to someone. LOL.

So we are gradually getting there. Back at the hospital on Friday for.......i think my 5th bunch of tests. Sick of being a pin cushion but hey, the alternative is alot worse, so im hoping and praying for a big ole 0 on Friday.

Fingers crossed.


Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

crossing the fat fingers for you girly!

Mel said...

got my fingers crossed for ya too!!