Thursday, May 29, 2008

And the new huggies baby is.....

Seriously, dont ya think Blakey boy should be in nappy commercial? Or possibly a fabric softner advertisment? lol Im blowing that there first pic up tomorrow. I have a gorgeous wood frame i bought before he was born, and have been waiting for the perfect photo.
I took these last weekend. Got a total of about 20 shots cos someone was NOT happy! lol.See how he's grabbing toys now? I hadnt seen him do that before that day! Tam had him laying under one of those play things with the dangly toys when i first got there. Instead of just staring at them, he was actually reaching out and hitting them. Making them move around. So cool to see him growing into a real lil person with personality.
The older he gets, the more i think he looks like Tams brothers (so therefore must look like Tam), but sometimes there is just no mistaking that he is steves son. Sometimes he's just steves lil mini me.
Espcially in this shot. Something about his mouth in this photo is steve all over. Really must get a baby photo of steve and compare.

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