Sunday, May 18, 2008

anyone remember this kid?

Cos i do!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - child star and man of my dreams at age 13. or more accurately, boy of my dreams at age 13.

I used to have a shrine to JTT as he was known back in the day. One whole wall of my room was plastered with his photo. Like literally, you could not see the paint. And there were posters overlapping other posters, there were so many. Mind you that was always annoying when one fell off, because it would start an avalanche and the whole lot would come tumbling down in a heap. And then it would take me hours to make the necessary repairs to the shrine.

I still have a photo of that wall somewhere. When i finallly grew out of my JTT addiction, and decided to get rid of the posters, i actually took a photo. That wall had been my prized possession for a really long time and i was kinda heartbroken to give it up... I threw out all the posters and photos.......i kept the scrapbook tho. dont tell anyone.

I used to watch Home Improvement RELIGIOUSLY. I taped it. Every week. I had at least 12 video tapes that were soley home improvement episodes, and would wear holes in them from rewinding and watching my favourite scenes (of him) over and over and over and over and over...I wonder if this is where my obsession and addiction with watching tv on dvd came from....probably.

I remember that no one was allowed to talk during an episode or i would completely loose it. And heaven forbid if i missed taping the first few minutes due to somebody else watching a different channel and not switching it over quick enough. All hell would break loose and i would be in a funk for the rest of the night.

I think i still have some of those tapes...must go look for those later. Or, even better, i could just go buy them on DVD. Feed a new addiction with an old one.

U know, i still really enjoy that show. (tho obviously not for the perv factor anymore - i do believe thats illegal in most states) If reruns come on, i always sit and watch them. Its good value.


Stella said...

cool way-back-when post!
Love that layout of your friend...

AfriDigiDiva said...

Wow, he didn't turn out to bad. Not bad eye candy now either!

glynis said...

One of my absolute favorite shows ever...I still watch the reruns whenever I can. Great photo, too!

DigiLover said...

glad I wasn't the only obsessed fan when I was growing up. Mine was... wait for it..... Leif Garrett. I was just so sick in love with him and I was like you Lani I had my walls plastered with photos all over them, my school books were covered with pics of him, I dreamt of him, I ate lived and breathed of him and now he's a fat balding drug taking 40 something year old. So sad really because he could of really made something of himself. Boo hoo!!! now I'm all sad.


Beachcomber said...

I love Home Improvement. I got my 7 year old son hooked on Home Improvement reruns. He had a lot of funny lines on the show. The show wasn't the same when he left it. He's still a cutie.

JBJAllTheWay said...

Was JTT now its JBJ!