Wednesday, June 04, 2008

im so proud of my ma!

(im sorry about the lack of spacing in this entry...blogger is being stupid and wont put them in!)
Ive said it before on this blog, that i adore my mum and think shes awesome. But i was reminded again last week just how great she really is.
Bit of background on the situtation so the story makes more sense:
My middle brother's long term girlfriend Jaime, lives at my mums house. Shes lived there for almost as long as they've been together. She isnt overly close with her real family tho she see's them regularly.
My mum is quite big on getting to know all of us kids' partners parents, so she is friendly with both Jaimes mum (who is remarried) and also Jaimes Dad.
The story:
Around Christmas time last year, Jaime came home and announced to mum that her younger half sister Chantelle was pregnant. Jaime was not happy. Chantelle is only 15. Understandable.
She was about 4 months pregnant before she told anyone. Tho I was impressed by the fact that she had already taken herself to the doctor, had an ultrasound, and was recieving prenatal care. I think that shows alot of courage for a someone so young. She must have been so scared.
Anyway, the months progressed and all went well with her pregnancy.
A week or two before she was due, both families went out for dinner to celebrate Jaimes birthday. Mum got to talking with Jaimes mum (Angie) about the fact that Chantelle was due so soon. Angie told mum that she wasnt comfortable with being in the delivery room. Jaime was going to be her main support person.
Mum having had 5 kids of her own, realised that it might all be a bit much for Jaime, considering Jaime has no kids of her own, and no knowledge of childbirth. Plus her little sister was going to be in alot of pain and that would be hard for anyone to deal with.
So, even tho she has only met Chantelle a few times, she offered to go into the delivery room with her. Just to be a support to both Jaime and Chantelle.
When she went into labour at about midnight one night last week, mum went down to the hospital at 3am. She was there to stroke her hair, massage her back, support and encourage her. Baby Riley was born at about 10.30am that morning.
I am just so proud that my mum offered to do that for her. I cant imagine how petrified i would have been if i had been in that situation, and i know i would have been so greatful to have an adult with some knowledge of what was going on, to help and support me.
I asked mum how she liked watching somebody else give birth - better than doing all that yourself? haha. She really enjoyed the whole thing and is now impatiently waiting for us kids to start poppin a few out!
Riley James (almost 9 pounds!)
Chantelle (mum) and her new lil man
Aunty Jaime!
mum and Riley the day he came home from hospital. Poor mum still looks tired 3 days later! lol


movefearlessly said...

your mom sounds like a wonderful person - you've every reason to be proud!

thumper6423 said...

That's a wonderful thing your mum did! Not many people woiuld step up like that.

LuAnn said...

what a wonderful thing your Mom did! and the baby is so cute!!

Eve said...

Your mom sounds like a gem! You are lucky to have her. :)

Creative Junkie said...

wow - your mom sounds like a lovely person! My mom would have been in the delivery room with me if I had let her. I love her dearly, but honestly, I didn't need her telling the doctors how to do their jobs. But I don't know if she would have been able to do what your mom did. Great story.

LouCeeCreations said...

your Mum sound's like the best! what a wonderful person she is putting all her love and time and energy into not only her family but everyone around her too! no wonder your so proud Lani.
toot toot... hugs too!

Shannon said...

What an adorable baby! (((Hugs))) to your mum for stepping in and being supportive! :)

Luisa said...

what your mom did is Wonderful!! I understand why you are so proud!!The baby is gorgeous!!