Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i have a dream

well actually, no. i had a dream is more accurate.

Pre-warning for any relos/family friends that may be reading, i cant help what i dream. I hope none of you think im awful for dreamin of people other than my adorable, much loved fiance. Please dont call my mum and tell her u think my marriage is on the rocks before its even begun. If she gets on the phone and asks me if im planning on running away to be a full time groupie im gonna be most annoyed and ill never share the sordid details of my dreams ever again. I mean it! You've all been warned! lol

So i woke up with the biggest smile on my face on Monday morning. Not the usual way i wake up, i can assure you! My alarm goes off at quarter past 5, so normally i wake up groaning with the pain of being awake at such an ungodly hour.

I got to work, and i was still smiling. First thing i did was email Kate to tell her that i had had the BEST dream ever and that she was in it.

It was MOnday morning, i really dont think she cared that much. But i had to tell her anyway, cos i knew it would make her smile.

So this was the content of the best dream ive ever had.

First up, Kate and i were at a Bon Jovi concert. It was at a stadium that kinda looked like the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne which is where the first Aussie concert we saw in January was held. But instead of the awesome seats that we actually had at Melbourne, we were up the top in the general admission area.

After the concert everyone started leaving, but Kate and i made our way down to the stage. Tico (their drummer) was still there and we jumped up onto the stage and spent some time chatting with him.

The rest of the band had left, and we were disappointed. But then someone told us that the whole band would be working at the local Woolworths supermarket for some charity.

So of course Kate and i ran to the Woolworths, which turned out to be the woolworths near Kates mum's place up at Maitland. (now i know i was dreaming about this woolworths cos we had gone to visit Kates mum on the saturday and we'd gone there to pick up lunch).

Sure enough, as we walked up, we could see the 4 members of the band each on a checkout. There was no one around and they looked totally bored. So we ran in and grabbed a basket. I kept saying to Kate, "we have to fill it up with all these cans of tuna, cos it will take them along time to scan them and that will give us more time to talk to them" (i think i was dreaming of tuna because that day i had done the grocery shopping and Jira had specifically asked for as many cans of Tuna we could afford. lol)

So we went thru the checkout and talked to Richie and Jon.

Now my dream could have ended here, and i still would have classed it as an awesome dream. But it got better!

The guys asked us back to some after party that they were going to. So of course, Kate and i are there with bells on!

The next thing i know, im dreaming of making out with Richie in the corner of some dark smokey club. I looked over his shoulder and saw Kate making out with Jon! We gave each other a look that said "oh my freakin god, can you believe this is happening?"

And then i woke up.


FIrst thing Kate said when i told her all this via email was "Thankyou for giving me Jon!" haha, no problemo matey. Richie is much more my type.


Kristine said...

Morning Lani!!!

You have Bon Jovi dreams like I do!!! the only problem is that they end....THAT is the part that burns my ass....sigh...

Anonymous said...

Still smiling! and thank you again!