Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not as bad as i was expecting.

We're getting married at St Mathews Catholic Church later this year. It is a stunning, gorgeous, beautiful church. I adore it.

But the condition of getting married in that church is that every couple does a marriage preparation course.

oh ok....

And its gonna cost $$$

hmmm, fair enough..

And its run over a whole weekend.Including Friday night.


So we rocked up on Friday night to the school library thats attached to the church. I was totally pissy cos i was nervous. Were standing in the line to get our names marked off, and i turned around to ask Jira something, when out of the corner of my eye, i noticed the girl behind us in line.

It was Amy, a girl i worked with for about 4 years. We were great friends back in the day, but we hadnt seen each other in years. Total spinout to see her there because she doesnt even live in the area. We got introduced to her fiance David (who is sooo nice! im so happy she scored herself such a great guy) and the four of us took up seats in the back row.

We had only been sitting there a few moments when Amy jumped up squealing and hugged a guy that had just walked in. It turned out to be a guy named Brett that she had gone to high school with. So Brett and his fiance added to our little group.

The course basically consisted of 2 couples and a priest talking about their experiences in different aspects of marriage. They'd talk for awhile, then they'd hand out question sheets, the guys would go one way and the girls would go another, and then we'd meet back in 10 mins to share our answers with our fiance.

I actually got quite alot out of the Friday and Saturday morning. Everything they covered was relevant to our relationship and it brought to the surface a few things that we need to work on, stuff i did that Jira doesnt like and vice versa. Stuff i already knew, but really needed to be reminded of.

Saturday lunch was a bbq, and oh my gosh, im sorry Kate, but your rissoles have been replaced as the best on earth. I dont know what was in these rissoles but lordy, they were amazing.

We sat with Amy and David but Brett and his fiance were a bit slow in getting to lunch so we invited another couple Paul and Nathalie to sit with us. They had been sitting in the back row with us and seemed really nice. The four of us, plus the two new comers all got on so well. We spent the whole lunch time laughing and mucking around, which continued when we went back into the course. I totally felt like the naughty kids in the back row at school.

Today, we did more of the same, plus we had a talk from the natural family planning group, which was actually really interesting. They were talking about it from a contraception point of view, but i was looking at it from a conception point of view. Considering theres only 12-20 hours a month that a woman is fertile, i want to know when that time is to make the most of it! I dont want to be waiting for years (or even months) to get pregnant after were married. Im impatient, so why not give it a go!

The day finished with a mini service in the church, where i just sat, imagining our wedding day, and thinking about how damn gorgeous the church was! We spent an extra 40 or so minutes, chatting with our new friends before wishing each other luck and going on our way!

Overall, it was a long weekend. Boring at times. Hilarious at others. Definately made more bearable by the fun people we were hanging out with.

Oh and highlight of the weekend? One of the course leaders quoting Jon Bon Jovi on marriage! FANTASTIC! lol

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