Friday, August 01, 2008

is it too much to expect

for him to say happy anniversary? I dont know why i bother. Truly i dont. Its always like this. He doesnt mean to make me upset. Hes not doing it to be mean. Anniversarys mean nothing to him. He doesnt care about them. Fair enough. But i do. They mean something to me.

And yes we agreed not to get each other anything. We havent bought each other presents for anniversarys, birthdays or christmas for the last few years since we bought the house and our budget doesnt really stretch that far.

But why does that mean that we dont celebrate them at all? YOu dont have to spend money to celebrate an anniversary do you? He could have picked me a flower from the neighbours garden. He could have written me a little note. He could have made me dinner. He could have just said Happy anniversary BEFORE i did. He didnt forget. I know, because he mentioned it earlier in the week. He just doesnt care that much about it.

blah. boys suck sometimes. Gonna go read the post i wrote earlier in the week about how much i love him before i go pick a fight.


Kim B said...

hee hee- girl you have to *programme* them to remember that it's important to YOU-
Wayne eventually came right after about 5 years- hahahahahahaha.
Now I think it's more important to HIM- sheee's, I mustn't forget or the shit hits the fan- LOL

You better start saving girl!! WOULD LOVE to see you down here! Which part of SA is she from?
EXCITING!! and glad to see YOUR plans coming along too!
sending hugs

Len said...

I used to have the same problem with my husband. But we talked things over and I explained to him that that day was important to me and we should work together to keep it special :) But yeah, boys just suck sometimes. How about some reverse psychology? LOL :) Anyway, Hope you have a good day :)