Tuesday, August 12, 2008

just because we hadnt done any for...oh...like a week...

well no, its not quite that bad. yes i take photos of blake almost every week, but steve works 7 days a week so i really havent done family photos for them in a few months.

Steve had a rare saturday off, so we headed on out to my favourite shooting location at glenbrook lagoon. Must say, ive done so many shoots there in the last few years, i am getting a bit over it, but it really is a good spot for photos as theres so much variety in scenery all in one spot. Really must resesarch some new places tho.

anyway onto some photos of my favourite lil munchkin and his mum and dad.

haha, oh the hair kills me in this one!
and my alltime new favourite photo is the one below. how freakin cute

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