Sunday, November 02, 2008

The month of October in facebook status updates

So lately, i have found that instead of updating my blog, i update my facebook status. Sad i know, and not a great way of recording ones life. So i thought id do a summary of my month, as recorded by facebook.

I think this comment is self explanatory. My hayfever and allergies suck in spring. Seriously, sometimes i just want to live in a bubble. An air purified bubble.

This was the day after Kate had a girls only karaoke party to raise some $$ for the cancer council. Oh my god, so much fun. But such a nasty hangover the next day. We were still singing our lungs out at 1am...aplogies the negihbours at her flat!

I spent a friday night watching "8 below", just because i love paul walker. And then got told off my nams soccer mate for being a perv. lol

Mum and i were watching idol one night in early october. An ad came on so i flicked over to dancing with the stars. They had a special act on, called burn the floor which is a dance show choreographed by jason gilkison. Now mum and i are both massive fans of jason gilkison, so we decided we'd go see the show. We just got in, the last performance was on october 18! So mum, me, Lauren (sis in law) and her mum Linda, all went to see the matinee, then we met up with the boys in sydney for dinner at the blackbird cafe. Great afternoon! The show was completely amazing. Completely blew my mind, and the guys...extemely sexy! A man that can dance...nothing better.

dinner at blackbird.

Then we had my lil bros wedding on the 25th...resulting in another nasty hangover for me (and my best friend kate). Photos in post below!
Then this was just me on a junkfood binge one day after work. lol. nothing unusual there!
The only thing that was pretty major this month, that i didnt seem to record on facebook, was me starting a new job! Same industry, same job, 10 grand a year more! woo hoo! Our old general manager got the sack a few months ago and has started his own company. He offered 5 of us payrises to come with him. so i did! Its been a bit stressful but a fun two weeks. Looking forward to when we are all organised and in a routine. i love routine. lol
So that was the highlights of my month as recorded on facebook. While i was looking thru my profile tho, i did come across these photos from my wedding. The comments just had me cracking up.

this one as well. lol

Think ill try to make this a monthly event.

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Kristine said...

Morning Lani!

Your Facebook updates crack me right up!!! I spend more time in Facebook than I do on my blog I think and I spend ALOT of time on my blog.LOL

Congrats on the new job!!! Woohoo!!! You go girl!!!