Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FOBTY- what sort of shopper are u?

I HATE shopping. With a passion. Well, most of the time anyway. Unless i know exactly what i want and where it is, and i can be in and out in 10 minutes, i dont ever want to shop. If i possibly can get something online, i will. Clothes shopping especially, is my number one hate. Which is probably why i dont have any clothes. But its also a good thing, in that i dont waste a whole lotta money on stuff i dont need. I only shop when were completely outta food, or if we have a special event coming up that jeans and a tshirt just arent suitable for.

As for christmas shopping. blah. i always leave it til the last minute. and i hate that. I hate christmas crowds and searching around for the perfect gift that i can never find. My brothers and sister (and partners) now do Kris Kringle, which is better cos it cuts buying 8 people presents down to 1. But this year we have the two new additons to the family to buy for (Thomas, and by then, my brothers little girl will be here). Plus we have the added stress of celebrating christmas on December 12 this year because on christmas day, Mum, Mel, Greg, Laura, Melanie, Michela and Luke will all be in South Africa celebrating Laura and Gregs wedding. So that just means i have even less time to work out what presents to get everyone....

That being said, i really do love christmas, and love seeing everyone open their presents. Its going to be so much better this year, now that we have Thomas. He wont understand whats going on, but its going to be fun anyway!

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