Monday, December 14, 2009

Thomas at 5 months

Started rolling from his back to his tummy the day before he turned 5 months (Jira was actually home to see it!). Now, a week later, he does it all the time.

Still has a nap every two hours, normally for about 40 mins.

Loves music. Especially incy wincy spider and galoomp went the little green frog.

Went to his first birthday party on the weekend (blakes 2nd birthday)

Bedtime is 8pm. He normally wakes at about 4am for milk, then back to bed til 7-8am.

Settles himself during the night. Tends to fall asleep while feeding during the day. Is still rocked to sleep on occasion.

We often find him wriggling around on his tummy after his naps - normally trying to reach his stuffed toys that sit at the top of his cot.

Still loves to be wrapped though now that hes rolling we dont wrap him very tightly. We just put a muslin wrap loosely around him which he can easily get out of during the night. It seems to be becoming his security thing

Weighs 7.5 kilos at 5months +1 week

Still going to mothers group every wednesday. Hanging out with Jordyn and Erin the most.

Is about to start solid foods, tho is still fully breastfed at this point. Going to start him on some rice cereal this week.

Loves his purple buggy toy. Doesnt particularly like the bumbo seat we borrowed from chris and lauren

Smiley and happy majority of the time. Hes a very good baby.

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