Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Thomas randomness

Something seems to have clicked in the last week or two for my kiddo. He is all of a sudden understanding, and able to communicate so much better. It seems like he is doing something new everyday!

This morning, i was putting washing in the machine, and as always, put in the clothes, turned the machine on, then put in the powder. Thomas was sitting on my hip, and he starts pointing over my shoulder and saying "nuh nuh" (this is just what he says when he points to something he wants). I looked over and hes pointing at the fabric softener, which sure enough, is always my next step! I just thought he was so clever knowing that thats what went in next!

This week, hes also started to clap hands. I kinda forgot to encourage him to learn that little skill! i was so busy trying to get him to wave that i completely forgot about clapping hands! lol. So i was rather surprised when this week he just started doing it. I say "clap hands Thomas" and off he goes, clapping his chubby little hands together with the biggest smile on his face, as if to say "look how smart i am mummy!". Its so adorable.

Hes still not walking by himself, but lordy, the boy will not stop climbing on EVERYTHING! and hes too smart for his own good! Hes started pushing things up to other things in order to climb up. I quite often find him standing on a box in his bedroom, trying to get into his cot. The other day i watched him stack a box on top of a box in order to try to get higher. Yesterday he pushed Nams sports bag up to the esky in order to try to get my keys which were above the esky. Of course, with climbing comes the inevitable falling. He has multiple lumps on his head right now! But i suppose he has to learn. I just hope he learns before he breaks a bone.

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