Monday, April 18, 2011

My babies new and improved bedroom!

Since Michela is living with us at the moment, Thomas will be sharing a room with his little sister for awhile (possibly even after Michela moves out. I like the idea of them sharing a room, i just dont know if it will be practical with Thomas being a very light sleeper).

We went to ikea yesterday to buy some more storage for their room - I thought they'd be ok with one chest of drawers, but i was kidding myself. The baby already has a ridiculous amount of clothes and Thomas has quite a few too! And we really needed somewhere to store all Thomas' toys.

I spent this morning organising, cleaning and kind of decorating their room. Im so happy with how it turned out, considering our very limited budget! This is just as you walk in the door. The whole far wall is the baby's side of the room. Her changetable, chest of drawers and cot are along that wall. Love that little blanket on top of the drawers that Laurens mum made to match the one she made for Thomas almost 2 years ago! Then the side wall has their window, and the beginnings of Thomas' area - His chest of drawers (with his matching little blanket on top!). His hand me down "big boy" bed is along the 3rd wall. Its the only thing in the room i dont really love....I really wanted a white bed for him, to match the rest of the room, but i didnt want to buy one and beggars cant be choosers! And the new toybox shelves we bought yesterday are the last thing on the third wall. All his junk in the drawers and few "display" toys on the top shelves. I had all intentions of putting his books on those top shelves, but they didnt fit, and they're all pretty neatly kept on the main bookshelf in our lounge room.

The only thing they need now, is some shelves up on the walls for knick knacks or toys and one day ill finish all of Thomas' name letters for the wall, and get some for bubba too! But other than that,its done and im happy with it.

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