Sunday, June 25, 2006

Things to save in a house fire/flood

honestly all i would really care about is Jira and the dogs - tho knowing our dogs it probably would have been them that started the fire by pushing their beds too close to our gas heater! lol
But if i was going to save items, all i would really want is my camera and my photos (which would probably have to involve taking the hard drive of my computer cos im very bad at backing up anything - note to self: Back up photos and layouts TODAY! hehe)
The only other thing would be my grandmothers wedding ring, but i wear that on a chain around my neck so more likely than not i would have it with me anyway. My grandmother died about 2 years ago and we were very close, so i was touched when my grandfather told me he wanted me to have her wedding ring - tho now im always a little worried that my chain will break and ill loose it, but i dont want it to sit in a jewellery box at home - and its too delicate to wear on my hand.


loonyhiker said...

That is wonderful about wearing your grandmother's ring. I agree with you that it is better to wear it than store it!

Laura Lou said...

I love the story about the ring. I have my mother's ring to give to my newest granddaughter (birthstone, diamond). I am not yet ready to pass it on, though.

Karen said...

Hopefully you'll never have to test whether you would save the sensible things or grab something completely stupid in a panic. I suspect that's what I would do.

Tink said...

What a wonderful story about the ring. I agree with Pat, it is better to wear it than to have it hidden away.