Saturday, June 24, 2006

10 best accomplishments since turning 20?

i think i may struggle to come up with 10 but ill try!
(in no particular order)
1) Bought a house. this was massive for me as id been trying to save the funds for a deposit for about 5 years......when i put my head down and saved hard it actually only took about 10 months....and we were renting at the time so i was still having to cough up money for rent and im pretty proud of myself.
2)Changed careeers. Im a qualified bookkeeper and worked in accounts pretty much straight after high school. I think i was about 21 when i decided i couldnt stand working in an office any longer.....and then i got a job (without any qualifications!) as a photographer.....and now i run a studio.....shame i dont own it but maybe one day!
3)Developed a really great loving relationship with my boyfriend Jira. We got together when we were 19 but the relationship was nothing like relationship we have now.
4) Was bridesmaid for my best friend Tamara. Weve been best friends since we were 5. actually it was quite an accomplishment to even see her get married.....she would never have planned anything if me, some other close friends and her mum hadnt done most of it for her! (shes not much of a girly girl, not that i am either but she is really bad!)
5)ummmm, beginning to struggle!....Oh! learnt how to scrapbook! both on paper and digitally! and got my sister, cousin and a workmates daughter addicted as well! hehe
6) Learnt to drive a manual car! (which i think most of you guys would call a stick shift?) actually i may have been 19....not sure but it was a big thing for me! See i bought a manual car but had only even driven an i really had no choice but to learn (very embarrassing, but my Little brother had to teach me. i had about 3 other people try but it always ended in tears (mine). He seemed to be the only one that could handle my panic attacks about stalling etc.)
7) Um speaking of younger brother one of the best things of my early 20's has been actually forming a close bond with him. we hated each other as kids but now hes one of my best friends. Hes been in London for 2 months and im missing him alot! Hes back this week! yay! Will hopefully form this sort of bond with other brothers and sister as they get a little older!
8)Have become totally self sufficient . ive always been pretty independent but as my boyfriend would say i finally cut my umbillical cord (meaning i dont rely on my mother for everything anymore - tho to be honest he still calls me a mummys girl but really, what would he know!) But im proud that i dont have to borrow money from my mum like alot of my friends have, and that i do my own washing, and that i clean my own house ect.
9& 10) Ill have to get back to you on these ones cos im all out of accomplishments!


Bethy said...

great list! Sounds like you are really coming into your own! Good for you!!

Judyy said...

Hey, that's a lot to have done in only four years! Sounds like you've also learned a lot about yourself--which some people never do. High-five yourself!

loonyhiker said...

You should be proud of all that you have accomplished! As for driving the stick shift, I didn't learn that until after I was married. Most people say that a husband can't teach a wife, but my husband was the best! He had more patience than I did and had to keep calming me down. Because he never gave up on me, I finally learned it! Nice list!