Monday, July 10, 2006

my computer space

This is my computer space......not very attractive is it! hehe. Its kind of funny that my computer desk is so small, cos there is plenty of space in this room. I also have a lounge chair, a bookcase and a normal desk in here but theres still alot of room to move. The reason we bought the tiny desk was because this room used to be overrun with paper scrapbooking supplies! But since i went digital i cleaned it out and gave all my paper stuff to my sister. The thing i dont like most about my desk is that there is always a pile of bills, waiting to be paid, sitting on top!

I hate the colour of the walls in this room. The rest of the house is a lovely warm brown colour, but this room and the room my boyfriend uses for his junk are both apricot! and i hate hate hate apricot! One day ill get off my bum and paint in here.

I like my little stuffed toys on top of my printer. The one on the right is a little dog holding a heart that says "I love you" on it. He was a present from Jira one valentines day. The green bear on the left has virgo written on his tummy. A present from a very good friend i had in high school.


Bonnie said...

It may be small but at least it is neat and organised!

heather said...

hee hee in the 80s we shared a house with a guy who painted half the house apricot!! i bet someone is suffering for that now.