Saturday, July 08, 2006


had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt that my favourite band of all time Bon Jovi threw a concert in my church! My church is almost a full circle shape with the altar right in the middle and this is what they used as their stage....Funny thing was my priest was up there with them! (not actually singing or playing in the band, more like a roadie or a groupie hehe) And it was great! Because there was no security i could take my SLR camera in and get some really great shots, and then after the show the band all went outside to what looked like a little shed (this doesnt actually exist at my church tho) and were just hanging out but they left the door open. All the other people who watched the concert had gone, but i went up to the door to get a better look. Their manager told me to go away, but the boys in the band told him i could come in and sit with them. So i went in and watched in awe as they hung out together relaxing. And then Jon kissed me......on my chin! and when i looked in the mirror he had left a big red lipstic kiss on my chin! and then i woke weird.


glynis said...

Dreams CAN be weird, but what are you gonna do? :)

heather said...

That's funny! Love the pics you got with the SLR LOL!!

faery-wings said...

*swoons* I want a dream like that....only I don't want a kiss on the chin from Jon. ROTFL!!!