Monday, July 03, 2006

my exercise routine

ugh! my exercise routine is all over the place! sometimes im really good, other times im very bad. At the moment im very bad. Meaning that i do absolutely no exercise, and eat whatever i feel like (which normally involves alot of carbs, which means im currently putting on weight).

So whats my reasons for being such a lazy bum?
1) Its winter, and its cold, and its dark by the time i get home, and i dont like to eat salad in winter.....i could go on.
2)I was extremely, and i mean EXTREMELY good for about 6 months prior to my current state of laziness, and now im rewarding myself for being so good. This was because last September my best friend asked me to be her bridesmaid, and i was determined not to have another photo of me in a formal dress where i looked like a fat slob! I hate the photos of myself from my years 10 and 12 formals (proms most of u guys would call it). So i worked really hard for 6 months to loose (and then keep off) about 6 kilos. doesnt sound like much but im short so on me 6 kilos is extremely noticeable. and i succeeded! i looked great at my best friends wedding and i love the photos.
Ive put the weight back on but i tell myself its just my winter coat.....come summer ill be back to salads and running every day!

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