Monday, July 03, 2006

My last big laugh

to be honest im not a person that laughs out loud very often. Dont get me wrong, i find alot of things funny but it takes alot for me to actually laugh out loud (Jira on the other hand kills himself laughing at the drop of a hat - and loudly too! he can be somewhat embarrassing when we got to the movies and he laughs every 5 seconds and nobody else does!) The last thing that got me laughing out loud was watching "friends" on dvd. i love that show. it doesnt matter how many times i watch the same episode, it still cracks me up. Also, there is a morning radio show in sydney that i find funny. they have two comedians called Merrick and Rosso who host it and they are great. Real aussie guys that tell great stories. they did a live stand up show last year that we went to and i had stitches from laughing so hard

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loonyhiker said...

I love to watch reruns of Friends too! They are really cute!