Wednesday, July 19, 2006

my "voice" - writing v's speech

well to start with im loud. really loud. but im not one of those people that are loud because they are very confident (or obnoxious). i dont think im either of these things. I think im loud because coming from a big family, if you arent loud u dont get heard! hehe

i dont use a particular saying alot. i mean from time to time i develop a "word of the week" and will use it until i start to annoy everyone around me but at the moment theres nothing that stands out in my mind.

i think the way i write is very different from the way i speak. the way i write is closer to the reality of my true feelings. Sometimes when i talk, my brain doesnt think quick enough and what comes out of my mouth isnt always the best way i could have said it. Then 30 seconds later i think of something that would have been smarter, or more appropriate to say.........but by then its too late!

I think this is why im such a fan of text messages! If i need to talk to someone i know really well, ill just call them, but if its someone im not 100% comfortable with then i tend to msg them. that way i can really think about what i want to say, and my mouth cant stuff it up.

I have a really good male friend who in person we only talk about music, movies, our friends ect. But in text messages we talk so deeply about our relationship with each other, with our partners, families, absolutely anything! Partly we have these conversations via text message because we dont want to start rumours that were having an affair.....because we most definately are not!!!but partly its because both of us can explain ourselves better when we have a little time to think about things first.
Im not talking about one or two messages either. these conversations normally take place over about 5-8 hours and i normally end them when my fingers start showing signs of RSI (repetitive stress injury)


heather said...

I can relate to what you said about talking vs writing. (except the text messaging - never done it!)

glynis said...

I'm much more comfortable with emails/text because I can't put my foot in my mouth quite as easily--the problem is that when you do say something stupid, it's all in writing! :)

Tink said...

Can understand how you feel about talking to someone face to face. Although I tend to put my foot in my mouth whether I am writing or speaking.

loonyhiker said...

Text messaging is for young people! lol I do not have the patience to do text messaging but have done a few short ones. I can't imagine hour long conversations!

faery-wings said...

I am another one who wishes the mouth came with a delete key :)