Sunday, July 23, 2006

this week

this week has probably been one of the worst weeks ive had for awhile. The weekend however was great!

The week was horrible because of work. Ive only been in this job for about 2 months and everything is still so foreign to me! i spent all week stressing out about not doing things the right way, not meeting my budgets, stuffing things up with the camera ect. As a result i barely slept all week, my skin has broken out and ive cried (to Jira) about 3 times. Im really not dealing with stress very well this year and i dont know why! Things never used to get to me the way they have been for the last 6 months. i think it mainly comes down to not having enough time off from work. continually working 60 something hours a week is wearing me down. (especially when i only get paid for 40! lol) ive actually had a few panic attacks this year which scared the crap out of me. something has gotta change. and soon.

However on a brighter note - i had a really nice weekend. On friday night i had planned to just bum around at a friends place but i ended up going out to a club and watching a bon jovi coverband with a friend, my brother and my cousin. My bro and i both had to work on saturday tho so we left in the middle of the show, but it was still nice to get out.
Saturday at work was actually really fun. we werent very busy so i didnt have to stress too much about the camera. I was working with two girls who are both hilariously funny and all day the three of us were in fits of laughter. i really should have told them to get back to work cos not much got done but after such a crappy week i was happy that i still remembered how to laugh! AND we got out on time! a miracle!
Sat nite, Jira and i went to dinner with my brother (i had originally invited him and his girlfriend in an attempt to get to know her a little better but she had plans with her family) and apart from the expensive meal, we had a really great time.
Today ive just tried to relax, tho ive been fighting the urge to panic about the coming week at work. This morning i slept in, then Jira and i went to a cafe with friends for breakfast. Then grocery shopping and an afternoon of computer time! DInner at mums tonight for the big brother eviction (a weekly event).

Hopefully the pleasantness (is that a word??? hehe) of the weekend will continue into the new week!


heather said...

I certainly hope this week is better for you, your work situation sounds pretty rough. Things do generally get better once a job isn't so new, so I hope that is the case for you soon Lani. Don't put high expectations on yourself... just do what you can OK?! :) (I'll have to remember this when I go back to work next year LOL!!!)

loonyhiker said...

As a teacher, I know what it is like to work 60 hours! lol. As in a previous post I mentioned about losing my hair due to stress so you need to make sure you take care of yourself. I have started to do some yoga in the evenings (about 15 min. worth - not much but it is something) and in the mornings I have tried to take 5-10 min. to meditate. I have a really hard time with this because of all the thoughts that keep crowding in but I'm just trying to focus on my breathing. I really think it has helped. Maybe you could try some relaxation exercises or meditation too. Make yourself take 5 min. for yourself. It is worth it!

Bonnie said...

Shame Lani, sounds rough! I am a SAHM, but I worked for many years and also had my own business at one stage, so I know all about stress! The things that really helped me where: 1)Carry something around with your , or put something on your desk, it can be a photo, a card, a poem, whatever, but something that when you look at it, you can't help but smile as it will bring back some fantastic memory to mind. -smiling instant mood lifter and stress reliever. 2) Go somewhere for 2 -4 min, even if the bathroom stall and do a couple of deep-breathing relaxtion exercises, close your eyes and imagine somewhere serene. Sounds dumb, but it works! 3.)Think and say to yourself:"It's just a job, my REAL life starts when I get home." This applies to most of us who just really work cos we have to and aren't part of the fortunate few you actually enjoy what they do for a living!! And you know what?? I have learnt that working (as in getting paid for it) and working as a mom are just as demanding and stressful. Even now, there are times I want to sit down and cry or get in my car and drive off! Sometimes, (having doen both now) i really don't know which is harder!! So in a way I have just replaced my stress with a different kind that is why those relaxation points still apply to me even now! Anyway I hope and wish you a good week and a cry-less one!!

Karen said...

Hope this week is starting out better than the last one. Just remember you're not the first person to make a mistake and you certainly won't be the last. Try not to take it all too much to heart.