Sunday, August 27, 2006

ive been a bad little blogger!

ive been very slack this week and havent updated my blog since monday! Naughty! lol so here is this weeks topics in summary

tuesday - who would i swap places with and why? im not sure that there is anyone i would really like to swap places with! Maybe my little sister to show her that she really needs to stick at her uni course so she doesnt end up in the same dead end jobs that ive had and always struggling with money. At the moment she thinks working is so much better. I dropped out of uni in my first year, and i dont want her to do the same thing.......because as we all know working aint that great! I dont regret dropping out - uni wasnt for me, but shes smart and she worked really hard to get in and i dont want her to throw that away.

wednesday - favourites at school - definately history and english! i had a great history teacher and thoroughly enjoyed everything she taught us. I did the extended history course in my last year at school and came first in the grade. was very proud! With english, i had some good teachers and some really bad ones but i loved the work! Except when we had to do speeches! i hate public speaking! On the more practical side, i work as a photographer and im completely self taught. And whilst i dont make alot of money, and dont really enjoy the stress of being a studio manager, i really do love taking photos. Of people. I have no eye for any other sort of photography.

thursday- whats the best and worst thing about where i live - The best thing is that i live close to my family and friends but not so close that they drop in all the time unannounced! We deliberately bought a house about 20 minutes from everyone because when we were renting we lived right in the middle of everyone and we never had any privacy! It actually put a massive strain on our relationship so where we live now is perfect! there isnt really much bad about where we live, except maybe that we live at the bottom of a hill so the front of the house doesnt get alot of sun. It tends to cause issues with dampness and water build up, but its not really a big deal. Just one of those annoying little things.

Friday - random acts of kindness - hmmmm, theres so much id like to do but i guess alot of them arent really possible. Like id really like to go to one of those third world countries and work with the children, and community to help them have a future. In the more practical sense, i'd like to visit elderly patients in nursing homes who dont have family nearby, and listen to their stories. (and make scrapbooks for them so they could share those stories with their families). I love to do things to make others happy, especially jira and my family.

weekend - Worked yesterday. The studio had another fairly good week, my photos are still selling well (woo hoo!).

Was suposed to go to an engagement party last night but when i got home from work and checked the invitation, it actually started at 3 so we missed the whole thing. wasnt really dissappointed tho because i was absolutely exhausted!

This morning Jira played in his soccer final, and i dont know how but they actually won! they were losing 3-1 and somehow managed to get it back to 3-3 and then scored a goal in overtime! Jira hasnt played in a soccer grand final since he was 16 so this is really big for the team. Jira was upset tho because he only played half a game in goals, and his coach wouldnt let him have a run on the field - Jira has been the goal keeper for years but he hates it and wants to play on the field. He is always begging to go on the field but because he is better than their other goalie they wont let him. He said he didnt really feel like part of the team today and that he hates that they think he isnt good enough to play on the field. felt very sorry for him. But i got him season tickets to the Sydney soccer team, and tonight is their first game so by the time he left he was excited about that! And im excited because i have nothing to do for the rest of the day but play on the internet and design some new kits! I offered to run the book of me challenge at and i need to make some freebies to give away as posting bonuses!


heather said...

oh being the goalie sucks!! LOL What a nice present for Jira and a nice bonus you get some time to yourself!! enjoy :)

loonyhiker said...

What a great big sister you are! Keep working on her because I bet you have more influence on her than you realize. As for being goalie, I played soccer in high school and it was a big thing in NY, and I was always taught the goalie was the most important player on the team. There are more players to try to score, but only one main person to keep the other team from scoring. The goalie is actually the leader and the one the team actually identifies with. Maybe from his position, he can see what the others should change and mention it during practices or to the coach. Maybe that is why the coach has him as goalie. I wish I was there to see the game!

Tink said...

I think it is great that you are encouraging your sister to continue. It will make a big difference in her life.

I love your acts of kindness too. My daughter use to volunteer at the senior home behind our house. She loved talking with them and listening to their stories. But I think you idea of scrapping their lives is great.

ArtcMom said...

WOW! You really did some catching up AND you get time to play this afternoon!

heather said...

Happy Birthday Lani!!