Monday, September 04, 2006


im not good at talking myself up. i find it really hard to say that im good at something or that something ive done is good. i find it hard to accept compliments.

There is really only one exception and that is with my photography - i am a good childrens photographer. I specified "childrens" photographer because there is so many types of photography and im honestly not good at all of them (my landscapes are terrible - and i dont think ive ever taken a macro shot in my life!). But i am good with kids. And im a perfectionist to the core so i will perservere even with the most difficult child until i get at least one shot that i know will be beautiful. Thats not to say that all of my work sells. Because it doesnt. But my work does sell a hell of alot better than the other photographers at my studio. I can tell the difference between my work and their work in a second. And i love what i do (well most of the time anyway). it breaks my heart to think of having to take a job in another field but one day i will probably have to.......because the money sucks! Maybe one day ill be able to set up a studio of my own!!!


Neverland Scraps said...

Lani, I have "tagged" you, please see my blog for more information---oh yeah, thank Melissa for this too *laughs*

Meg said...

Oh, I wish you were closer!! My son needs his picture taken, and I'm dreading it!! He loves the camera, but he wants to be up close to see how it works, not posing up on some silly block!