Friday, August 04, 2006

Places of my life

if i could tell someone the story of my life by taking them to half a dozen places, where would i
take them?

The neighbourhood my family lived in until i was 21. I have so many great memories of this neighbourhood - The house we lived in (and all the various changes that were made to it over the years), my primary and high schools, the local soccer field where i used to watch my brothers play, the little shopping centre with the milkbar.

The local river. Its a great place for picnics, weddings, parties, bbq's, making out in your car after dates hehe. Once upon a time we even used to swim there tho im not sure it would be safe to do that anymore. But even with the water pollution it is still a great spot.

The Entrance - this is the name of the suburb, where we went on holidays as a kid. Even now, as an adult it is still a place i love to visit - and only about a 2 hour drive from my house. It has beautiful beaches, a great long boardwalk, cute little shops and pelican feeding in the mornings and afternoons. i have plans to buy a little caravan there once weve had kids for a place to get away.

The house i live in now. The one that jira and i saved for and have really made our home. I love the security that we have here - knowing that we wont have to move again for a long time!

Into sydney. although its not a place that i go often, it is truly a great place. There is a zillion things to do there, tho we would definately have to stay overnight cos the drive home in the wee hours of the morning (or even worse - the train ride!) is not pleasant!

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heather said...

I think I have been to the Entrance, is that where the lakes are?? It was ages ago. I love Sydney too, lived there once for a while ... I don't think I would travel to it if I lived nearby either! Isn't it great having your own place - well done on starting that so early in life!!