Saturday, August 05, 2006

favourite clothes

i love my grey tracky dacks! i wear them all the time, when im at home (tho for once not right now - only cos their in the wash). I dont even know where i got them from - i think they actually belong to my brother chris, not that they'd fit him anymore! Their just so comfy and warm and i always sleep really well when i wear them to bed.

If im going out somewhere ill almost always wear jeans. ive had my current pair of jeans for about 4 years and the really need to be thrown out but i just cant part with them.

As for my family, the only thing i see jira wear on a regular basis is shorts and tshirts. even in winter. he barely ever wears pants or jumpers.


Tink said...

There is just something about loose and comfy, isn't there?

heather said...

tracky dacks or jeans, me too. At least we don't waste much time deciding what to wear LOL!

glynis said...

I still want to know--what are tracky dacks??--from the American who's only heard this phrase used by Lani and Heather :)