Sunday, August 06, 2006

This is my latest layout for my creative team. Kit is New Beginnings by Colleen Shibley. Layout is of my younger brother Ben and his girlfriend Jaime. These two are like peas in a pod. Totally inseperable. Its a little annoying to be honest. As much as i love Jaime, i dont like that she never lets Ben go anywhere by himself. I havent seen him alone in over two years! Still, if hes happy then who am i to comment - tho the rest of my family and our friends do tend to call them Baime - similar to the way the media tends to join celebrities names together - u know like Brangelina (brad and angelina) or Benifer (Ben and Jennifer). hehe. I'll have to do a layout about that nickname someday! hehe

So i finally had a day off from work today! well sort of - i worked from home for a couple hours this morning but still better than going into the studio! Tho speaking of the studio, i actually nearly made my budget for the week! we were $200 off which was disappointing but its the best this studio has done in about 2 years. And what made me feel really good is that my photos sold really well and i had alot of customers come and personally thank me! so nice to feel loved. We didnt do anywhere near as many shoots as i was suposed to do tho (was suposed to do 60 but only did 37) so im still going to get told off on Monday but oh well.

So anyway, didnt really do much today on my day off. Kate had a nutrimetics party this afternoon - shes just started up as a consultant to earn a bit of extra cash to pay off her credit card. Didnt buy anything but promised her id have a party so she can try to get some sales out of my family and friends! hehe Off to mums for dinner soon and to watch the beginning of the new series of Australian Idol, now that Big Brother has finished.


heather said...

Great layout of Baime LOL Glad some good things are happening at work for you now too :)

Tink said...

It is a great layout. Although I hope Ben and Jaime start to realize they need time apart. My daughter and her ex were inseparable. They even worked the same hours at the same place, three years after they were married they divorced.

faery-wings said...

pretty LO :)
My brother has an ex I didn't like, she was a wack job. His fiancee- now-- I adore her!
Tink speaks the truth as well-- you need space to grow as people, ans well as a couple.

debra said...

Love the layout! Your designer should be very pleased! Congrats on your studios success too! a