Sunday, August 20, 2006

weekend ramblings and new layouts

my two most recent layouts for one of the creative teams im on. The kit is Hugs-n-kisses Girl by Erin Shannon Designs. Found this kit a bit of a challenge because im not used to working with these colours but i was pretty happy with the way they turned out - I obviously need to put a border around the first one tho! hehe.

So whats been going on this weekend. Not much! went out with my brother chris and his girlfriend Lauren last night - just to Hogs Breath for dinner and then they came back to our place so chris could see his dog. Today i actually dragged myself out of bed at 7.30 and went to Nams soccer game. It was their semi finals and they actually won! Yay! Took a few photos - might try to post a few later. Did a bit of shopping after the game and now were both just chilling out at home, until we go to mums for dinner.

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glynis said...

Those layouts both looks gorgeous--you'd never know you weren't comfortable with those colors!