Saturday, August 19, 2006

i want / i need

i want chocolate - right now i have the worst craving! And of course we dont have any!
i want a million dollars
i want to have my own business and not work my butt off for minimal pay
i want to have a baby
i want Bon Jovi to come to Australia

I need Jira - would be so lost without him
I need my family - same reason as above
I need to relax more because i think if i dont ill be in the running for a nervous breakdown
I need to learn- i hate feeling like ive stopped learning. Makes my head feel like its full of cotton wool.
I need to back up all my photos and scrapbook layouts


heather said...

I need learning too, I agree, that's a good one. And yes, you do need to relax more, your twenties can be such a stressful time (was for me anyhow)!! btw your photo is doing really well in the cc challenge - good luck, it's definitely the best photo I think :)

glynis said...

That backup of your photos--do it now!! I had a scare last week when dh decided to format the computer and something went screwy--almost lost two years worth of stuff! Scary!!