Sunday, September 17, 2006

my greatest gift and guess what im learning to do!

My greatest gift, of course is meeting Jira and my family and friends. But apart from them i guess my greatest gift would have to be getting my first photography job about 4 years ago. As much as i still dont want to go to work, and as much as i hate my paycheck, i really love taking photos. Whenever i have more than about a week off i really miss it. I went for almost 2 months this year without shooting (well at work anyway) and i was dying. I like the way that it makes me feel like im good at something. And i love it when i can make a kid i dont even know laugh - not just smile but actually laugh. It really makes me feel good. And i love it when parents tell me that im the best photographer they've been to and they'll always come back to me (i like it even more when they say it in front of everyone else!) so i guess im really grateful that i decided to apply for that first job, even tho i had absolutely no experience and no idea what i wanted to do with my life (i had been working and studying as a bookkeeper - bit of a change!).

on other news, im learning to play the guitar! ive wanted to learn since i was about 16 but never did. My younger brother chris took a few lessons about 5 years ago and taught me a few things but he didnt keep his lessons up and i forgot everything he taught me. But my youngest brother Joel (16) has been taking lessons for about 2 years and hes really good. He and one of his friends actually recorded a song that wrote together and put it on their my space thingo so people can download it - its really quite good, even if his friend does hit a few off notes. Anyway so tonight i asked him if he'd teach me on a regular basis (im broke and his lessons are free!). So i learnt 3 chords tonight - G and two other ones but i cant remember what their called! gosh im not a very good student am i! Well those three chords make up part of a greenday song, so my homework for next sunday is to be able to put them all together to play the song. Yes my 16 year old brother gave me homework! Hes a good teacher tho cos ive nearly got it! im just a bit slow changing chords but practice makes perfect!


Tink said...

What a sweet younger brother to spend the time to teach you.

Bonnie said...

Good on you taking up guitar lessons! I took them for a long time and got to the stage I could play all the chords form memory and songs too. I was so sad though, last year, when I decided to sell my guitar. It makes me sniff now thinking of it! I loved it but with two kids it was just proving impossible to still keep that up and I had to make a choice between some of my hobbies, I just didn't have the time to do that and all the other ones. Besides if I ever want to oneday, I can always buy another one. Now is just not the right time, but I am glad I did do it when I had the opportunity. I always say, in hindsight, do these kind of things while you are still childless because let's face it-they do take up time and also require a lot of memory-something i don't have anymore! Good luck with the lessons Lani. BTW-I love green day, I wish I could play "Wake me up when September ends".