Saturday, September 16, 2006

weekend and fridays blog prompt

blog prompt today was to write an acrostic from out names so heres mine

L - loud (have to be when you come from a family of seven kids)
A - a perfectionist (i know im cheating - but its a big part of me! especially at work!)
N - nice ( tho sometimes im too nice and get walked on)
I - Imaginative (well sometimes anyway)

Had a pretty good day at work today - we had a good week $$$$$$$ wise so that always puts me in a good mood (tho always makes me sad that if i worked for myself i could be spending all those $$$$$$$! lol) Unfortunately im spending my sunday working this week. Were doing a promotion at a local pet festival and it costs me a fortune to pay casual staff on a sunday so i had to roster myself on to go - damn i hate being responsible!

Jira is cooking a bbq for our dinner tonight. man im starving! my younger brother chris is suposed to be coming over to watch the footy later but he probably wont knowing him. Hes a piker. My three best mates (tamara steve and kate) have all gone up the coast to stay at kates parents house (its her dads 60th) but jira and i couldnt go due to my working all weekend. Jira is calling me for dinner - woohoo! hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully none of you are silly like me and have to work!


glynis said...

I like 'LOUD' == what a great way to describe yourself :)

Bonnie said...

you do seem "loud" but in a fun and friendly way,not a overbearing way! ha ha!