Sunday, November 05, 2006

communicating - online vs real life

i tend to be a little bit shy and have trouble meeting people for the first time. I think i come across as a bit cold because until i get to know someone i dont tend to say alot.

I dont overly like talking on the phone (well not since i was about 15 and used to spend hours chatting with my friends). Now my telephone conversations consist of "hi, yep ill see you there at 7, see ya". Tho sometimes when im driving home from work (about a 40 min drive) i get bored and call people from my mobile, just to make the trip seem shorter!

I love communicating in writing. so online is great for me. It gives me the time to think about what i actually want to say instead of saying the first thing that pops into my head (which is normally something stupid).

As for online communities i only belong to scrapbook related sites. At DSP i really only check the scrapblog forum. Im most active at scrappin secrets because im on their creative team but they are merging with another site at the end of the month (sob) and im still deciding if i want to continue to be on the CT there. But thats about it really!


carinc said...

I am a lot like you when it comes to people, the telephone and writing. :)

glynis said...

You sound a lot like me...I have to spend much time thinking things through before I say them, so writing is the way to..otherwise, I end up with my foot in my mouth more often than not!