Sunday, November 05, 2006

its the end of the week - thanks heavens!

so its finally the end of the week and i for one am very grateful that this week is over. It has not been a good one here in the Dodson/Skuthorpe household!

The week started out ok, i had a meeting all day Monday which wasnt nearly as painful as i was expecting it to be, and then i had Tuesday off. Yay.

Then it all came crashing down on Tuesday night. Jira and i had an argument and went to bed not really speaking to each other (very unusual for us to go to be angry).

On Wednesday morning i got to work and my 2nd in charge deciedes to tell me shes quitting - right as were coming up to christmas, our busiest time of year. Theres no way ill be able to train a new person before xmas so im expecting alot of overtime (unpaid).

At about 10am Jira rings and tells me his uncle died from complications with a surgery he had last week. He was only 48. Id never met him but Jira was extremely upset and i was upset that i had too much work on to leave to be with him.

Then at about 3pm after another meeting i came back to the studio and had an urgent message to ring Jira at home. So i ring and he tells me that the two dogs next door got under the fence and our dogs killed one of them. I felt terrible! For ages they only had one dog and it always got under the fence but our dogs didnt mind. In fact they liked playing with him! and then a few weeks ago they got this other little dog and this was the first time the both of them got under the fence and obviously our two didnt appreciate the newcomer. The young guy at the back tried to break it up by sraying them with the hose but it didnt help. When Jira got home he took the dog straight to the vet but the vet couldnt save it. So then he had to go next door and tell the kids what happened to their dog! ive never felt so bad in my life. Our dogs have never been aggressive! they love other dogs so i dont know what could have happened.

Yesterday my studio made a very disappointing amount of money. I found out that the site that i CT for is merging with another site and while Jira was playing with the dogs he copped a scratch to the head that had his head bleeding for about an hour. Luckily its under the hair on his head cos i think it will probably scar. His fault tho for wrestling with them.

so anyway thats why im glad its the end of the week! all good tho cos next week couldnt be worse!lol


loonyhiker said...

Wow! What a terrible week! The bright side is that next week has GOT to be better! Poor Jira having to deal with death of all kinds that day. I hope y'all have kissed and made up (the best part of arguing!) Hugs and kisses to both of you!

carinc said...

So glad this week is over for you -unfortunately some sad times to remember. Hope things get better.

Tink said...

Oh Jovi, I hope this week will be much better for you.

Karen said...

Oh Boy! That is one incredible week. You're right. Next week is well worth looking forward to. Gook Luck.

glynis said...

What a week! I hope this is the beginning of a much better one!