Friday, January 05, 2007


Describe your sleeping style. Are you a side sleeper, snoring on your back sleeper, wake at the slightest sound sleeper, sprall across the bed and sleep through an earthquake sleeper? Spill your secrets! (Keep it family friendly, girls!)

i sleep on my stomach with both arms above my head and my pillow over the top of them. i also tend to sleep towards the bottom of the bed. i hate having my head near the headboard for some reason. It also has to be dark (really dark - like no little cracks of light coming in thru the window!) and i have to have the door closed. even if im the only one in the house i will still close the door....i have no idea why.I tend to sleep fairly lightly - even if im exhausted ill wake up if theres noise. very annoying if Jira is in the next room listening to music - even if its really low i will still not be able to get to sleep.

Gosh im not half fussy am i??? lol


Sandra said...

Hurrah, a fellow belly-sleeper!

Great post.

loonyhiker said...

We are so different. I hate the dark and the door closed would freak me out (but only if I'm alone). As long as my hubby is with me, the dark and a closed door won't bother me.

Denise said...

I feel for all of you light sleepers... I don't know how nice I could be if someone else's music kept me awake, lol!

glynis said...

LOL I've never been able to sleep on my stomach and I don't like the door closed. Sleeping is such a personal, unique thing!

dapupsmom said...

I use to be a door closed sleeper also, but my husband insists that it be left open. Each time I ask about it, he gives me a different reason - what if there's a fire, what if one of the dogs want to go lay in the other room, etc. I've finally given up, and we just leave it open! lol